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Our shelters have been tested by the National Storm Shelter Association / Wind Engineering Department in Lubbock, TX.

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Why F-5 Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms?

     All of our shelters are designed by a structural engineer. Our storm shelters meet or exceed all of the F.E.M.A. guidelines. Our storm shelters have corrosion protection that can triple the life of the shelters over many of our competitors shelters. Our storm shelters and safe rooms are designed and certified to withstand an
F-5 tornado and more. Many shelters on the market are made for 250 mile per hour winds, or up to a medium range F-4 tornado. Our shelters and safe rooms are made to withstand any F-5 tornado and even up to 330 miles per hour winds.  Most metal shelters on the market are made with metal 1/8" thick. Ours is much thicker . Another thing to watch for is putting a steel storm shelter and using the concrete floor instead of a metal floor. If lightning strikes our shelter or even if a power line fell on the shelter, you are safe inside. The metal is a complete ground. If you have a concrete floor, and you are touching the metal and the floor, you are the ground. We build shelters for several other storm and fallout shelter dealers all over the country. Why not buy direct from us and save?

Why do I need a Storm Shelter or Safe room?

Spring is tornado season in the South with 50% of all tornadoes occurring between the  months  of April  and  June.  Most  tornadoes  occur  between  noon  and  sunset.  However, tornadoes are unpredictable, and can occur any time, day or night, January through December. The eastern 2/3 of the United States has the greatest concentration of tornadoes on earth. Thunderstorms and their attendant tornadoes typically move northeasterly or easterly, but  tornado  tracks  can  be  erratic. Tornadoes  move  forward  at  speeds  ranging  from  nearly stationary to 60 M.P.H. or more. Measurements from the Doppler Radar give top speeds in the 250-300 M.P.H. range. Safe rooms not only protect you from storms but can also offer protection  for  you  and  your  valuables  from  thieves  and  from  those  wishing  you  or  your family harm.

Why Metal?

     When we started checking into building underground shelters, we were very thorough.  We talked to several engineers   about the structure, strength, and durability of different types of shelters.  We were interested in fiberglass shelters because they were cheaper, light, and easy to install. We were warned that a fiberglass shelter is not safe from a severe tornado. Then we started researching concrete shelters.  Again, these shelters have many bad points.  The concrete walls sweat and often become moldy inside.  Sometimes the concrete cracks and seeps water.   Then, we thoroughly checked into metal shelters, and found that if coated properly, they are safe, long-lasting, and stay dry inside.  Compare our shelters to any other  on the market.   They are better than any we have found.  You might find a cheaper shelter, but it will not have the quality of our shelters.

Don't forget, we custom build...

     Our shelters are ideal for churches, fire departments, town halls, schools, etc.  We now build large shelters for businesses and communities.  Our safe rooms can go inside any home or building that is going to be built, or outside existing homes or businesses.

If you live in a low lying area or an area prone to rising waters from hurricanes, etc. we have the ideal safe room for you.  We can put a safe room in the first floor of a two story home with the door entrance to the safe room on top. Now you can enter the saferoom from the second floor of your home. The entrance can be inside a closet or any where you choose. When this is done, the water would be 8' or 9' deep inside your home before it can enter the safe room.  These safe rooms can be put under homes that are built up on poles in low lying areas where the entrance is still inside the home. These have to be installed before the home is built. We can put these outside an existing home. When we do this, we build steps on the outside of the shelter going up to the top. Once you are at the top, you open the door and step into the shelter and go down the steps inside.


Looking for a Fallout Shelter?  NBC Fallout Shelters is a division of F-5 Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms.

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Our shelters have been tested by the National Storm Shelter Association / Wind Engineering Department in Lubbock, TX.


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All pictures of tornadoes and hurricanes are from the NOAA & NSSL websites