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Determining the appropriate shelter for your application is not necessarily a fast, straightforward task. Certainly, careful thought and planning, given your property, your plans, and your intentions are required.


We look forward to talking with you or corresponding by email, etc., but to get an idea of what a shelter will cost you, feel free to submit a request for a quote below, to include some of the many options you will have available that we can include in your shelter. All personal info fields must be filled out.


If you simply guess as to a size, that is fine--it is a starting point for our dialog. As you enter your shelter size below, consider that typical shelter sizes range from 5 to 7 feet tall, 5 to 20 feet wide, and 8 to 30 feet long. Perhaps the most common size of shelter for a group of 4 to 6 people is 8'W x 7'H x 20'L.


Installation is extra, and delivery is calculated per mile based on your distance from Louisiana and the size of the shelter. Please contact us for those estimates.


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NBC Fallout Shelters

Our shelters have been tested by the National Storm Shelter Association / Wind Engineering Department in Lubbock, TX.


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