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Our Standard Sized Safe Room

We would like to introduce our standard sized safe room.  It exceeds all requirements for a safe room for maximum protection for you, your family, and/or your valuables.  

A few of the standard features are:

     -     7 foot tall, 6 feet wide, and 6 feet deep
     -     our patent pending vault door
     -     all 1/4" plate steel
     -     4"x2" tubing throughout
     -     flat bottom

This safe room can be installed inside an under construction home/building, or outside.  It is anchored to the foundation using heavy anchor bolts that go through the bottom of the shelter.  If the safe room is inside a home/building, it can be fitted for air ducts and inlets for electric lines, cable, telephone lines, ect..  If it is for outside we can fit the safe room with an 8" turbine and 8" vent (as shown in our 3d illustrations).   

You can have this safe room installed using any contractor or we can install it for you.  We can also supply detailed drawing from our engineer. 

Contact us today for more information.

Standard Safe Room 1
Front view of our Safe Room

Standard Safe Room 2
Top view of our Safe Room - Shown with 8" turbine and 8" vent.  Safe Room can easily be fit with air ducts for inside installation. 

Standard Safe Room 3
Inside view of our Safe Room.  Shown with carpet.  Anchor bolts go through the heavy brackets that are wielded to the tubing
and side plate, through the bottom of the shelter and into your foundation.

All Shelter and Shelter designs are PATENT PENDING.

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